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Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed Desktop-as-a-Service offering which runs in the AWS cloud, giving users a Windows 10 Desktop experience which is unparalleled in its performance, reliability, and security.

Performance – Unlike remote desktop solutions of the past, WorkSpaces is extremely fast and smooth because it uses a new protocol (PCoIP) to accelerate the communications between the client and the remote desktop. WorkSpaces offers support for high resolution, full frame rate graphics and HD media, multiple large displays and high definition audio.

Reliability – WorkSpaces are accessible from a wide range of devices – Windows, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire tablets, Android tablets, Chrome and Firefox browsers, thin clients, and (our preference) “Zero Clients”.  Zero clients are stateless devices with no moving parts (which makes them very reliable) that have implemented the PCoIP protocol in a special chip to further accelerate the communications.   Management of desktops is vastly simplified because WorkSpaces allows for the creation of a “golden image” which is essentially a snapshot of a fully configured desktop.  Everyone starts out with all of the necessary software, perfectly configured, for their job role and you can “reset” a WorkSpace back to the golden image at any time.  It makes the computing experience for everyone extremely consistent and error-free.

Security – Perhaps WorkSpaces greatest superpower is its vastly improved security posture.  The local device never stores any data from the remote desktop, and all communications between the device and AWS are fully encrypted. WorkSpaces can be connected to your existing Active Directory (AD) server and it supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for increased security. And, because each WorkSpace is based on a “golden image”, you can reset the WorkSpace at any time back to its original state if you suspect a malware infection

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