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We Are Process Fanatics


We have a process for everything, all the way down to the optimal watering of the plants in our office.  (Sadly, that’s not a joke).  We relentlessly implement, follow, and improve processes for everything we do and there is no process we have dialed in more than our AWS migration process.  We have completed over 100 AWS migrations, improving the process after every successful iteration.  We get key people involved early, we bake security into our best-practice designs, and we over-communicate throughout.  As a result, you can migrate with confidence knowing your project will be executed relatively quickly, inexpensively, and with minimal disruption.

We Don’t Try to Make Money on Migrations

The pricing for our Migration Services is surprisingly fair. We just want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to get on to the AWS platform.  Once you get a taste of the power, reliability, scalability, etc. of the AWS platform, you will be hooked.

We Actually Listen

Most AWS service providers operate like car salesman.  They listen long enough to decide which model they are going to sell you then they tell you why you need the model they have chosen.  We actually listen and give you exact support you are seeking.  If you want your people deeply involved in the migration, we’ll make them a part of the migration team and share our expertise.  If you only want to test AWS for certain workloads, we won’t aggressively propose a migration of your entire production environment.   Actually, that’s why our entire sales staff is comprised of Sales Engineers.  When you reach out to us you will immediately talk to an AWS Certified Solutions Architect who will listen to your story, answer any questions you may have, and get you the answers you’re seeking.

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