AWS Managed Billing

Our AWS Managed Billing service gives you insight into your AWS spending, helping you make sense of your AWS usage and lower your costs.

  • Understand your Bill – We give you access to interactive charts and reports that show you exactly what you have running in AWS, how much it is costing you, which projects or departments are consuming the most resources, and how your usage is trending over time.
  • Optimize your Costs – We provide on-demand cost optimization analysis for your account.  You get access to our web-based portal where you can see unused resources that could be trimmed from your bill, servers that are over-sized, and detailed recommendations for purchasing Reserved Instances (RI).
  • Get Lower Rates – By leveraging the combined usage of all of our clients, we give you access to lower rates on services that have tiered pricing discounts such as CloudFront, S3, Data Transfer, RI costs, and more.
  • Monitor Best Practices – As an added bonus, we show you the current status of over 500 best practices for your account that we check on a daily basis.  The best practices are broken down into the following categories: Security, Cost, Availability, Usage, and AWS Trusted Advisor.

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