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Privo – to liberate
|verb (Latin) · \ˈprē-vō\ |

Privo is an AWS consulting firm headquartered in Boston, with a West Coast office located near San Francisco. We liberate organizations from the ball and chain of traditional IT infrastructure, leveraging the transformational power of the AWS platform to help our customers innovate faster. Here’s what makes us different:

Go Small or Go Home

icon-teamWe’ve grown a lot in the last few years, but we will always have a small feel. There is nothing more disenchanting than calling your Managed Cloud provider and having to explain who you are or how your infrastructure is set up. (you: “shouldn’t you know that?”)  That’s why we divide our engineers into small teams and assign each team just a handful of customers. This allows our people to become intimately familiar with the customers (and the infrastructure) they support and very quickly become a seamless extension of your team.   And again, no matter how big we grow, small customers will always be welcome at Privo.  Other successful AWS partners quickly turn into whale-hunter and they make it hard for smaller customers to get started.  Not us.  We actively pursue smaller customers because we find smaller customers are very easy to work with and we enjoy how nimble they are.  We work really hard to drive down our initial project costs–free in many cases–so smaller customers can take advantage of our services.

Legit Cybersecurity Skillz

The truth is most AWS service providers don’t know much about cybersecurity.  It’s not surprising: cybersecurity is its own discipline and if you don’t focus on it there is no way to have any real expertise.  We started doing cybersecurity long before it was cool.  In fact, we have a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts to help ensure your infrastructure is secure and compliant, and we are one of the few AWS Consulting Partners in the US to achieve the SOC 2 Type II certification.  For clients with high security and compliance needs, we even offer  24×7 managed security service to respond to security incidents as they happen.


Flexible Support Options

flexibleUnlike other AWS managed cloud providers, our support options are not cookie cutter. We are happy to customize our plans to provide exactly the support you need.  We can provide support for your custom applications or whatever else you might need. Our goal is to replicate what it would be like to have your own in-house team of AWS infrastructure experts, so flexibility is key to delivering on that experience.  We adapt to you, not the other way around.


Undiluted Talent

teamEvery company says their people are the best.  We know: blah, blah, blah!   But hear us out.  We put more blood, sweat and tears into hiring than anything else we do.  It’s absurdly difficult to find what we are looking for: people with the right social skills (e.g. genuinely helpful, positive, funny, easy to get along with); elite verbal and written communication skills, and people who are wicked smaaaart.  Social skills are key because everything we do is team-oriented, within our own teams and yours.  Communication skills are often overlooked for IT professionals but we’ve found it to be the best predictor for mental sharpness and perspicacity–people who write and speak clearly, think clearly. And finally, a single wickedly smart IT person can work circles around an entire cube farm of good or even very good IT professionals.  It’s Privo’s Law: productivity scales exponentially with brains.  All of these attributes are essential, they can’t be taught (at least not in a reasonable time frame), and, therefore, they are non-negotiable.  In contrast, experience or skill in any particular technology is less important because a) smart people learn quickly and b) technologies change so fast it hardly matters what you knew yesterday. Bottom line: Finding good people in our limiting factor because we refuse compromise on the caliber of our people.  We’d rather be a small group with undiluted talent than a larger company where the people are hit or miss–it’s a conscious choice we made when we founded the company. Put another way, we’d rather be like a single pour of GlendDronach 15 Year Old Revival, than a 30-pack of Natty Light!

Feel free to reach out for a zero-pressure conversation with one of our AWS Certified Solutions Architects to discuss your AWS project.  We can architect a solution right on the phone and get you a full proposal with pricing in less than 24 hours.

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